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A Decade of Change

December 29, 2019

As the year 2019 draws to a close, I have been pondering what to write that would be counted as worthy. But since I do not have many readers: for sake of not overthinking or going too deep into introspection, I will just say what is in me, whether in my spirit or mind (or both).

Here are a few things I have been reading and listening to recently:

Some commentary: as a consumer of social media, I am exposed to so many refreshing accounts of how the Lord has grown in His saints. On the opposite end, I also observe how some believers have slowed their pursuit of Christ — and in some cases, become negative — in exchange for the treasures of the world or “social justice”. I will be honest: I am both encouraged and discouraged in my Christian life. On one hand, my hope in the Lord increases; on the other hand, I question if the hope is placed correctly. Whatever the case may be, Christ is making His home in our hearts (Eph. 3:17), and He is working in us to make us the one new man (Col. 3:11). Whoever He is doing this with is up to us and up to Him.

On the side of platforms, I am just happy that the big tech companies are taking more responsibility for their platforms. It is about time.

On a personal note, here are the things that have taken place following the last post

  1. Got let go from a company (a humbling experience) 
  2. Earned my MBA in the evenings 
  3. Working in the field of data analytics 
  4. Had a baby girl (more humbling than item #1)

See you all again in 2025! 🙂

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